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ocbWelcome everyone and have a nice day!6/19/2009
D.ReeseWill you be posting more tree soon?8/25/2012
ocbonsaiYes I will8/26/2012
KSnyderDo you have hours? Are you open?10/20/2012
ocbView by appointment only11/15/2012
Pete NguyenHow can I find tips how to take care of my bonsai sago palms? watering schedule, ferterlize?5/5/2013
ocbhi pete, for sago palm in the ground you don't need to water, but in the shallow pot ( bonsai pot ) water once in 2 days. Fertelizer I use palms fertilizer (8-8-8) at home depot.7/3/2013
sosnaI got present mock cherry tree bonsai.Can you tell me what is inportant for starting take care about this tree.It is indoor tree.I have windows to south and noth side.Thank you2/22/2014
urban bonsiCan you take a broke hanging juniper branch and cut it and get it to root it's a older larger piece 6/19/2014
Mark S Are you interested in selling Bald Cypress DN545 love to purchase if still for sale Thxxx 7/16/2014
MarkHello love to purchase DN545 if shes still for sale its a beautiful tree7/16/2014
Ben SI am interested in purchasing DN544, is it still available?11/13/2014
HungI want to purchase one Vietnamese penjing . if you have more Vietnamese penjing that I can choose and purchase thanks dung cao 7/25/2016
HungDo you still have 464 Vietnamese penjing? Let's me know 7/29/2016

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